When to Replace a Door or Gate

You might ask yourself, “When should I repair/replace/service my door or gate(s)”:

That is a great question, so I asked our executive vice president, Mark Ryan. He provided me with a few examples. It’s the kind of question that begs a lot more questions before you can come to a good resolution.

First off, is the door/gate repairable? Without going into that too far, let’s say that it is.

– Next, should we repair it?

This question deserves some real thought. Many times we find doors/gates that were installed or chosen because of the aesthetic value they lend to a building or entrance.

Sometimes doors/gates are chosen because they are less expensive than an alternate that has a higher initial price. Whatever the reason a door/gate was chosen over another, the door/gate must meet the needs of the customer. So before we repair it we need to know how and why it failed. This is where our team works together with our customer to reconstruct the conditions under which the door/gate failed.

From those conclusions it can be determined if the door/gate fits the application. This is a big deal— huge! Conditions change over time, use changes over time, traffic can dramatically change. Even equipment using an opening is changing, getting larger, faster, and more expensive. A door/gate opening that is narrow, low, or has a hard bottom edge will not only necessitate door/gate / frame repairs but it will require equipment repair. Now staying positive let’s say the door/gate system is proper for the application.

– Does the door/gate meet code?

A door/gate system must always be within code in order to be within the law. – Does it meet ANSI standards? These are not directly laws but are recommended.

– Do you notice any signs of cracking, bowing, delamination, sagging or rust?

Think of a door/gate like you would a car. It is not always about the age but the mileage. The more the door/gate is being used, the sooner it will be recommended to be replaced or upgraded. Sometimes it may be cheaper to repair a current issue rather than replace the door/gate, but think of the expenses in the long run. If you repair the door/gate, ONLY that part will be under a 90 day warranty. Over time, the cost of constant repairs and bringing up to code can become quite costly.

If you replace the door/gate, the entire thing and all components will be under a 1 YEAR warranty at the least. You are also relieved of worry and stress. Also keep in mind, if the technology has long ago changed from your current door/gate, you may want to consider changing the door/gate itself.