ADA Door Compliance

What is ADA Door Compliance? ADA Door Compliance is the section of the Americans with Disabilities Act regulation that relates to doors. At Door Specialties we have decades of experience helping with ADA compliance for commercial doors. Our staff and technicians can quickly and easily give you options for ADA compliance no matter how much

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ADA Requirements are our specialty

There are ADA requirements not only for pedestrian doors but also for gates, automatic doors and low energy doors. The ADA Compliance Requirements are very specific not just in door width, but also in other areas. For example the ADA requirements on door closers are:

“If a door or gate has a closer, then the sweep period of the closer shall be adjusted so that from an open position of 90 degrees, the door will take at least 5 seconds to move to a point 12 degrees from the latch, measured to the leading edge of the door.”

Commercial ADA Door Repairs

Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day for door emergencies. We can assess your needs and come up with unique solutions to your particular problem(s). We specialize in finding the best solution to each-and-every problem rather than choosing the least expensive option. That typically results in your long-term costs being less and your product functioning more efficiently and to your satisfaction during its useful lifetime.

Door Specialties stocks a wide variety of ADA hardware and low energy operators. A large part of our strategy is to stock ADA hardware to address challenges as they arise. ADA requirements often change necessitating constant monitoring to assure continuing compliance. Door Specialties monitors those changes so we can consistently meet the needs of our customers.

Door Specialties has the experience to make sure all doors meet the ADA guidelines and we’re always available to address your questions. Contact us today for your ADA Door needs.