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    We have had the privilege of servicing, installing and designing custom automatic and manual door solutions that are architecturally powerful and functionally flawless. Let us introduce you to the elevated standard that others have come to expect from Door Specialties.


Our unique commercial automatic door systems are diverse in application and are inherently durable as well as reliable. We service and install industrial doors and extreme environment doors used in many demanding facilities. Our doors are found in many prestigious and high profile commercial buildings in Colorado, including Denver International Airport (DIA), RTD’s Market Street Station in downtown Denver, and the Homeland Security section at the Denver Federal Center. We also offer repair services for commercial doors.

ADA Doors

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers a wide variety of private businesses, as well as all the agencies of state and local governments. The ADA requires that these entities provide access to their programs, goods and services. We have years of experience installing and servicing commercial ADA-compatible automatic door systems, and can ensure your compliance and accessibility.

Commercial Door Repair

When a business has a door that isn’t functioning properly it can cause headaches. Door Specialties helps get your commercial door repaired quickly and cost effectively. We can get your business running back to normal!

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